We build blockchain systems for a more private, self-sovereign future.

About Discreet Labs

Discreet Labs believes the digital future is more private and self-sovereign, and is building the technology necessary to achieve this vision. Discreet Labs combines the reliability and transparency of decentralized, public blockchains, together with the security and privacy of zero-knowledge proofs, to enable confidential transactions.

Applications developed by Discreet Labs provide both the transactional privacy that institutions desire, along with the proofs of compliance that regulators require.

Meet the Team

Due to the regulatory nature of some of the jurisdictions in which our developers work, many wish to remain pseudonymous for their safety and protection.

Community & Content


SDK Development


Business Development


Head of DevOps


Comms & Social Media




Sr. Blockchain Engineer


Backend Engineer




Discreet Labs receives contributions from talented individuals around the globe. The scope of their contributions vary but we express our graditude to them for their work and their brilliance.


When you build with Discreet Labs, you leverage a global team of experienced blockchain developers, cryptographers, researchers, and solutions architects to ensure your blockchain project makes the right decisions.

Software Development

We provide custom solutions for blockchain projects that range from design to execution.

Advisory Services

Gain a distinct advantage by leveraging our extensive expertise with decentralized technology.

Dedicated Support

Get support with the Findora blockchain directly from the team who built it.


Check out our growing portfolio of protocols, products, tools, and services.

Findora is a public blockchain with programmable privacy using zero-knowledge proofs and multi-party computation

Blockchain-based Services Network provides a cloud-based, standardized development environment for leading blockchain protocols

Tencent Cloud delivers cloud-computing, data processing and cloud operation services to empower global business

Let’s Work Together

We’re hiring! Join us on our journey to bring web 3.0 to the world.

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